Baie Mooi

I already posted about Tuesday, it was bungee jumping! Mama had a first, every single one of us jumped off that bridge and she’s never had that before. It was cool to be there with these people I’ve only known for two months, supporting each other. It was like we’ve known each other for years! My favorite part of the whole experience was when Amanda, the first person to go, got back up on the bridge ran and jumped on/hugged Angelo. When it was my turn I was terrified, and crying, but as soon as I got off the bridge and opened my eyes I realized why people do crazy stuff like bungee jumping. It was so calm, all I heard was the wind and all I saw was the beautiful view. I was super surprised at how quiet it was, they had music pumping on the bridge but I couldn’t hear anything but my own thoughts. It was perfect, and like I said before I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

After bungee jumping we were off to our new accommodation. Beautiful. The owners had a cute little boy who wanted to play with us so much, they also had a dog that was ready to play. It was so fun playing ball with the little boy and his dog. The little boy also introduced me to his pet dragon (his jungle gym) and showed me the proper way to get on and off. By dinner time we had killed 7 bad dragons and I was pooped. Dinner was again delicious. Our beds were also VERY welcome after the day we had.

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